How Your Teenager Can Graduate High School in 1 week and

This 2 minute video explains how your teenager can finish high school in one week.

This process has helped thousands of students transition to apprenticeships, community college, university, entry-level career positions, and starting their own businesses.

Here's What Valor Academy Can Give You

Early High School Graduation ✔

Your teenager can earn a diploma from a respected private school in less than one month and start taking on real responsibilities, like their career, relationships, and more!

Private Consultations ✔

You'll get one-on-one coaching to help resolve your personal concerns and questions about the graduation process and post-graduation action steps for your teenager's success.

Career Success Strategies ✔

Whether your teenager wants to earn money, go to college, travel the world, or volunteer at church we can provide insights into best practices for their lifelong education. The future is full of amazing learning opportunities for your teenager.

Apprenticeship Support ✔

Your teenager may want to work with an expert in their field of their interest so you'll be shown some proven methods and tactics for acquiring an apprenticeship. Your graduation package includes two hours of consultation but you may opt for more, if you choose.
And the world is waiting for them to shine !
Valor Academy stands on two fundamental principles:

1.) Your child is valuable the way he or she is right now.

The root word of "valor" relates to "worth" and "value",
which are inherent in your child's existence.

2.) Courage is required to learn, grow, and succeed.

Another meaning of valor is "courage",
which is a quality fundamental to being a successful human being,
especially in 2022 and beyond.
The Graduation Process Begins Here
Step 1:  Pay the graduation tuition, $995.00 here

Step 2: Fill out the Enrollment Form and return it to us.

Step 3: Your teenager completes the graduation requirements: an exit essay, letter of recommendation, and previous school records, if available.

Step 4: The high school diploma is shipped to your teenager. S/he is now free to move beyond high school and use their time to move closer their own goals and dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will a diploma from Valor Academy be accepted at colleges?

Yes, in general, because we will help ensure the admissions department can see your teenager's gifts, talents, and abilities. 

How can Valor Academy graduate my teenager so quickly?

Private schools have their own unique requirements for graduation, while government monopoly compulsory schools have their own requirements, usually determined by political agendas.

Why is voluntary learning superior to coercive learning?

Voluntary learning inspires the love of learning but forced learning discourages the love of learning and leads to obedience training for the young.

Your child learned to walk and talk without coercion. This is how authentic learning occurs.

When you empower your teenager to start a new chapter it will feel like a breath of fresh air to you both.
"My daughter escaped years of unnecessary pain because Valor Academy gave her freedom to pursue her own goals."
"My son was bored in public high school but Valor Academy helped him exit it with peace and hope in his future."
A feeling of completion and excitement is felt by you and your teenager
when you receive you the diploma in the mail.
Empower Your Teenager to
It begins with allowing them to learn what they're interested in learning.
Let Your Teenager's Real Education Begin Today!
Pay the Graduation Tuition of $995.00 Below
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